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Shopmobility is a Service for Everyone

Shopmobility is a service for everyone who feels they need a little extra help getting around. Be that at home, in town, even on holiday!


There are currently 13 Shopmobility schemes throughout the province, each of which is a separate charity set up by, and for, the people in the local area. Each is run by its own group of people with a committee, staff and volunteers with the simple aim of helping those people who find it hard to get around. Whether it's short-term, due to surgery or an injury; or if you have a long-term disability, they will talk to you to understand your needs, train you if necessary and be there to help in any way they can.  


Shopmobility schemes can provide manual wheelchairs, electric scooters, electric wheelchairs plus some provide rollators and walking sticks. Contact the scheme you want to visit and ask them about their services (Just click on the scheme above to go to their information). Some provide long-term hiring facilities to allow you to take the equipment away with you, but there may be a small charge for this.


Whatever your questions or queries, Shopmobility schemes in Northern Ireland are here to help you.


You can also contact us at Shopmobility Northern Ireland (SNI) for general information about the network as a whole. Or perhaps your town doesn't have a scheme and you want to know how to set one up! Or you're interested in volunteering and are curious about what roles are available within a scheme.


Either way, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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