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With 13 schemes around the province, there are opportunities to volunteer with a scheme that is close to you and serves your local community. Whether you want to work in one of the offices and utilise your skills there, or you enjoy meeting people on a daily basis and want to help them regain their mobility by hiring out equipment, it is up to you how you feel you can help best. 


A number of our schemes provide a meet and greet service, meeting members off public transport with equipment they require; we can also provide training, in conjunction with the RNIB, for sighted guides who work with blind members who need assistance with their mobility. Call any of our schemes and see what opportunities they have right now. Details are available on the Schemes page.



All the Shopmobility schemes in Northern Ireland rely on donations and funding from a number of sources. In the new financial climate it is not always possible to obtain funding from local, national or European funding bodies, trusts or grant-giving bodies.


In the last 5 years each Shopmobility scheme has identified the need for local fundraising, simply to ensure survival. If you feel you would like to help fundraise for your local scheme; if you have ideas that might help raise money or promote your local scheme and help it to raise awareness of the service; or maybe you feel you have skills that would be of benefit to the organisation and you would like to be considered for committee membership? Contact your local scheme to discuss what to do next. Details are on the Schemes page.

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