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Starting a New Scheme

​There are currently 13 Shopmobility scheme locations throughout the province, covering many of the main towns in Northern Ireland. But, there are still some that do not provide a Shopmobility service at all. If you live in an area where no service is available and you feel you might want to start you own scheme, please contact us for advice, assistance and information. We will do all we can to help you with the process.


We don't pretend that starting a new scheme is easy; there are many things to consider before opening the doors! Location, equipment, insurance, funding, staffing, volunteers, plus putting together a committee to help guide and run the scheme. Finally there is the requirement to register with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland.


All of these steps can seem daunting and a major obstacle to getting a scheme up and running. But that is why SNI is here. We work with all the current schemes to help them provide a service that is suitable to the needs of their local community and we are also here to help and guide new schemes so they too can provide a service to their local community. 


Also, the Department for Infrastructure is a major funder for all the schemes. To apply for funding from them you will need to fulfil certain conditions. A link to the document,'How to Prepare and Apply for Funding for a Shopmobility Scheme', is on the right of this page and can help to understand the way this funding is obtained.


SNI has a huge amount of experience within the network, of starting up schemes and has learned from all the pitfalls and dead-ends and the solutions to them, from over 20 years of Shopmobility in Northern Ireland. The network works together to help and guide each other, provide knowledge and practical skills too. 


We welcome anyone who wishes to expand the Shopmobility service to more and more who need it.















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